"Not of this world, for I am nothing known. When the seasons shift they call my name to carry me home." -Danzig, "Not of This World"

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Fifteen and a Half

“Dad, do you need to go to 7-11?” “Dad, do you need to go to the post office?” “Dad, do you need to go to the store?”

Guess who turned fifteen-and-a-half last week and got his learner’s permit?

(This is a staged photo. Mason will never drive the STI.)

When Mason turned fourteen he […]

A Cloudy 11th Birthday

Sometimes when it rains it pours — both figuratively and literally.

Morgan’s 11th birthday party was last Sunday. The weather report for the past two weeks (and the next 2 months) was “dry and hot.” Literally, our local weatherman said, “It’s going to be hot and dry for the next three months.” So we scheduled […]

Mason’s Basketball Season (2013-2014)

This was Mason’s second year to play basketball for the YMCA. Last year Mason played in the 10-and-under league, and this year he got bumped up to the 12-and-under league. The age cut off was September 1st of 2013, meaning Mason can play 12-and-under ball for one more year.

Mason’s team, which consisted of […]

The Case of the Broken Knee


A one line message from Susan popped up on my screen at work at 3pm on Wednesday:

Just got a call from the school. They think Mason broke his leg.

I managed to bang out “on my way” before locking my computer and trotting out to my truck. I drove, […]

A Thunder Storm

Wednesday night for Mason’s birthday, Susan, the kids and I attended the Thunder vs. Hornets game. From the moment we found our seats and sat down I knew there were going to be problems. The people sitting directly behind us were already drunk and being loud and belligerent. This was 20 minutes before tip off. […]

A Basketball Birthday for Mason

Mason was four or five years old when he attended his first NBA game, sometime during those two seasons when the New Orleans Hornets temporarily relocated to Oklahoma City during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Back then Mason was more into the food and halftime antics than he was the game, but there was something […]

Mason: Gatti Town Kid of the Week

Once a week, one of our local radio stations (98.9 – KISS FM) has a contest for the Gatti Town Kid of the Week. To enter your kid into the running, you simply have to submit an e-mail to the radio station explaining why your kid should be chosen.

This next sentence may make […]

Go West!

Earlier this week, Mason was in a school musical/play titled “Go West!” The play was about going west in search of gold. Mason played Robert Fulton, who tried to lure some of the train and horse riding gold diggers into taking his steamboat.

Mason had several lines in the play and made two appearances. […]

Veterans Day 2012

Both Mason and Morgan’s schools had Veterans Day programs yesterday. The kids were asked to invite any Veterans from their family, which included both of their living grandpas.

The day began at Morgan’s school, where kids, Veterans, and kids’ parents were treated to juice and donuts for breakfast. After that, we filed into the […]

Morgan’s Musical Mysteries

Three random musings from Morgan this week:

01. “I like that song Peaches and Lava.”

I guess I had been listening to 80s music that morning. The song wasn’t “Peaches and Lava.” It was “Egyptian Lover.”

02. “I like that guy, Milli the Willie.”

This one wasn’t too hard to figure out. The only […]