"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine." -Rick Blaine

A Message from Managment

In your head, can’t you see the word “managment” underlined in Microsoft Word?

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It’s a cute little ditty discussing the dangers of “texting and sledding,” sure, but perhaps the greater danger is attempting to spell after having one too many mugs of eggnog.

Rudolph was not immediately available for comment.

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They were so close.

Oh Taco Cabana, you were so close.

It looks like someone at Taco Cabana on I-40 and MacArthur may have been hitting the margaritas when they wrote “margoritas” by mistake.

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The CVS Mow Clinnic

Look, CVS — I know it’s only a minute clinic, but you might try spending a second minute proofreading your big, bright, electronic sign.

It’s “clinic”, not “clinnic”, and “now”, not “mow”. If you give physicals like you type, count me out.

This isn’t the first typo I’ve spotted at CVS, it’s just the […]

Drink’s and Sides Items

We had some great chicken over the weekend, but I enjoyed the menu almost as much as I enjoyed the food.

For lunch, we were joined by a bunch of extra apostrophes.

One for Drink’s …

One for Sandwich’s …

And one for Salad’s.

Aside from that, they also offer one of […]

Something to “cool of with”

Looking for something to “Cool of With”? Look no further than McDonald’s!

Vegetable Plant’s

These things belong to the Vegetable Plant. Please do not touch them.

Four Extras …

“Well, here’s the deal. We’ve got four extra apostrophes and we need to use them somewhere.”

“But wouldn’t it make more sense to put apostrophes in all the words that end in S? Or none of them?”

“Yes. But unfortunately, we only have four extras, and they gotta go somewhere. Now get to work.”


New Stripes

First thought: They misspelled “resume”.

Second thought: The also misspelled “strips”.

Conclusion: The letter “e” migrated west for the winter.

(Spotted in the Daily Oklahoman.)

If that’s really a job requirement, I’m not interested.

(Spotted online. And no, I’m not job hunting.)