Irish Proverb: Remember even if you loose all, keep your good name for if you loose that you are worthless.

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How (Not) to Get Rid of Things

I’ve written 50,000 words on my next book, A Collector of Collections. The more I write, the more I begin to suspect that I’m less of a collector and more of a hoarder. Many of the things I claim to collect are just things I’ve amassed over time and can’t seem to part with. Last […]

Things That Aren’t LEGO

Recently I spent a few days sorting my giant tub of LEGO bricks by color into smaller containers. During this process I ran across several things that weren’t actually LEGO. Here are three of those things, along with a bonus photo at the end.


One of the first things I […]

Today’s Garage Sale Finds: Star Wars!

Most people who know me I collect Star Wars “stuff.” Any time my mom or Pat Deckard or Cathy Martin see a Star Wars item at a garage sale, thrift store or antique mall, they immediately think of me. Today’s inside tip came from our friend Jacquie Gappa, who let me know that her ex-brother-in-law […]

The Case of the Missing Landspeeder

You could say I’ve been collecting “Star Wars stuff” my entire life. Some of the oldest toys and action figures in my collection are the ones I got Christmas morning, 1978. Throughout the 80s I acquired a lot of stuff, and in the mid-90s when Star Wars was re-released in theaters and they began making […]

Invasion of the Army Men!

I came up with this idea a month or two ago and it’s been rattling around in the back of my head ever since.

Hey, look who’s up there rappelling off of the loft down into our living room — it’s G.I.Joe*!

(It’s not really G.I.Joe. Or maybe it is. It’s three random military […]

Three Star Wars Targets Acquired!

There’s an unspoken rule around these here parts — you don’t shop for yourself right before your birthday. Actually it’s not an unspoken rule, it’s a spoken one. The only exceptions I make is when I’m buying things that nobody else in the world would ever buy me, and I’m guessing vintage Star Wars figures […]

Cost of Remaining Star Wars Figures

I spent a few minutes rooting around on eBay last night, looking up the remaining figures I need and what they are currently going for on eBay.

Amanaman – $100 AT-ST Driver – $5 Barada – $50 EV-9D9 (Brown, Jabba Robot) – $100 Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) – $50 Imperial Dignitary – $50? Lando […]

Toy Acquired: POTF TIE Fighter

Even the best of us get duped from time to time.

Recently while out toy shopping I ran across this TIE Fighter.

I thought, mistakenly, that this was from Return of the Jedi. When it comes to Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back toys I’d call myself an expert, but there were […]

Toy Acquired: Bespin Princess Leia

Stopped by another Vintage Stock today on a hunch and picked up three Star Wars figures I need for the collection, including this Bespin Princess Leia from The Empire Strikes Back.

When Han and friends landed on Lando Calrissian’s Bespin (aka “Cloud City”) in the Empire Strikes Back, Leia was still wearing her snow […]

Meet General Madine

Anyone who has ever worked toward completing a collection has probably mashed their teeth while paying money for something they didn’t want. Every Atari 2600 collector knows that Pac-Man and E.T. are universally panned, and yet they all own them.

The challenge in collecting Star Wars figures is that especially toward the end of […]