"We rob banks." -Clyde Barrow

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Grandma and the iPad

Before anyone starts, this isn’t a pro-iPad or even a pro-Apple post. It’s a pro-technology post.

That’s 83-year-old “Grandma O” in Chicago, using Facetime on the iPad to talk to two of her great grandsons (Phoenix and Griffin) back in Oklahoma. This may be the closest thing to a Kodak moment I’ve ever […]

The Voyage Home

Last Thursday Susan, the kids, my Dad and I hopped in the minivan and drove north to Chicago on a mini-vacation. Despite the fact that the Honda Odyssey now has upwards of 215,000 miles, it still runs and drives great — and, it’s the car we own that most comfortably seats five. And, it’s the […]

Felix Baumgardner’s Historic Jump

I’m sure most of my tech peeps already know all about this story, but to sum it up in a sentence: last Sunday, Felix Baumgardner rode in a balloon to the edge of space (almost 25 miles above the Earth) and then jumped out of it, breaking the speed of sound before opening his parachute […]

Mason’s First Horror Movie: Psycho

Mason’s been hinting around about wanting to watch a horror movie for some time now. To put things in perspective, Mason’s ten-years-old and in fifth grade. I was in sixth grade when I first saw Nightmare on Elm Street over at Jason Lee’s house, and Children of the Corn that same year over at Andy […]

Back in the Saddle!

Today, I got to sit down and work from my desk for the first time in two-and-a-half weeks.

It all started with an invitation to a work meeting in Atlanta, which took place the last week of September (9/24-9/28). As I mentioned a week or so ago, my buddy Jeff recently moved to Atlanta, so […]

Slumming in DC

I’m slumming around Washington DC this week with plans of heading home on Friday. Our team is holed up in a building near Navy Yard, which smells. Not the building; I mean, the whole area. Outside it smells like a combination of fertilizer and dead fish. I’m pretty sure I smell too. It’s so humid […]