"You have a talent to make me feel like dirt." -Alice in Chains, "Dirt"

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A Sugar-Free Two Thousand One Three

(Sorry. It’s the only way I could get it to rhyme.)

I can’t remember the last time someone gave me a New Year’s Resolution, but Susan has declared that in 2013, our house will be “sugar free”. It’s no secret that Susan and I have both struggled with our weight for years and years, and […]

Merry Christmas from the Metaluna Mutant

When it comes to Christmas gifting, one of the people I have the hardest time shopping for each year is my Dad. Throughout the year he buys what he needs when he needs it, and doesn’t care much for shelf-filling knick-knacks unless there’s a personal story attached to them. Occasionally he’ll mention something off the […]

Christmas, Come and Gone

I finished my Christmas shopping surprisingly early this year, almost two full weeks before the arrival of the holiday. I shop for Susan, and Susan shops for everybody else. Over the past couple of months Sue gave me a list of five gift ideas. I got four of them. (The antique radio she mentioned at […]

Top 50 Albums of 2012 (The “I’m Old” Edition)

Over the weekend ABCNews posted their list of the 50 best albums of 2012. I used to enjoy dabbling in a bit of internal debate with these lists — “Yes, I agree with that!” or “No, how could they list that?!” These days, my response to the vast majority of the entries is, “Who are […]

My Digital Photo Frame

Long before digital photo frames could be found at places like Walgreens, I experimented with making one of my own. Using an old laptop I copied a bunch of pictures on to it and, using an old version of LView, set up my own little photo slide show. It wasn’t the best solution and it […]

Review: A Christmas Story … 2?

I’ve been brainstorming for a couple of days now, trying to come up with a single word to describe movie sequels that simply recycle the plots and jokes from the original film. The word I finally came up with was “requel.” A requel is a sequels that can be explained with a single sentence that […]

A Thunder Storm

Wednesday night for Mason’s birthday, Susan, the kids and I attended the Thunder vs. Hornets game. From the moment we found our seats and sat down I knew there were going to be problems. The people sitting directly behind us were already drunk and being loud and belligerent. This was 20 minutes before tip off. […]

A Basketball Birthday for Mason

Mason was four or five years old when he attended his first NBA game, sometime during those two seasons when the New Orleans Hornets temporarily relocated to Oklahoma City during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Back then Mason was more into the food and halftime antics than he was the game, but there was something […]

Meeting L.A. Guns

After reading my recently posted Guns and Roses Concert Review, my friend Kevin mentioned L.A. Guns. I also met L.A. Guns once, back in the late 90s. Here’s that story.

While living in Spokane back in the late 90s, Susan and I began our own music-related magazine. In-Tune Magazine printed around 1,500 copies a month. […]

VIP Passes to Guns and Roses Live: 11/24/12

The true purpose and culmination of our trip to Las Vegas last weekend was to see Guns and Roses perform live at the Hard Rock Cafe. Guns and Roses recently did a 14 show residency in Vegas, and our tickets were for the last night of the run (November 24, 2012). (It has been pointed […]