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Very few things creep me out more than mysterious radio signals. Seriously. I am looking over my shoulder as I type this. I even checked the closet before sitting down.

People pick up all kinds of weird signals with radio scanners, but one that spooks me more than the others are random number stations. These are stations, presumably run by the government, for purposes unknown. It’s obvious they’re broadcasting something in code, but what the code is is anybody’s guess. One of the most famous stations has been dubbed “UVB-76,” also known as “the buzz”. 24 hours a day, the buzz sounds like this:

Well, almost 24 hours a day. On August 23, 2010, the buzz was interrupted by a brief message in Russian.

The source of the signal was eventually traced back to a Russian military compound. Shortly after that, reporters visited the building and found this:

There are tons of number stations still broadcasting today. Exactly what they are for or the message they are sending is anybody’s guess.