Now or Never

I have had many conversations with doctors in regards to my weight throughout the years. Some were lighthearted, like the short chats I used to have with my fellow morbidly-obese doctor back in the early 2000s. “You need to lose some weight,” he would say. “You first!” I would counter, and then we would both share a good belly laugh. Conversations with other doctors were more awkward. My last doctor regularly competed in Iron Man competitions. Googling his name turns up hits of marathon photos. Every conversation I had with him about my weight ended with a condescending “tsk.”

Last month Susan changed doctors, and I changed along with her. I made an appointment with the new doctor this week for a general physical (including lab work) and to discuss some lingering aches and pains and concerns of mine, mostly weight-related. The new doctor responded in a way I hadn’t seen before — with kindness, sympathy, concern, and just a touch of sadness. She went over my concerns with me and explained, if I don’t change my ways, what comes next. I appreciated her frankness, but her sadness had a deeper effect on me.

I have spent the past twenty years trying to lose weight. In that time I have made a million deals with the devil and not once has he come through for me. I have tried many things, including weight-loss surgery, and none of them have panned out for me. It has been a long battle of mind-over-matter that, quite frankly, I lost. To have a doctor tell you you’re fat is one thing. To have one give you one final chance before putting you on a litany of medications is another.

This is it. It’s now or never.

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3 comments to Now or Never

  • Momma 2

    Neal & I are in the same boat…we need to do it now. Check with Jessie, she has an app on her phone that she is using & loves it…..she has dropped over 40 lbs & is still going (she looks great!) I think we may try it also, it’s just getting started. We eat totally different than we use to but we do NO exercising, we are going to have to change that. I know you….put your mind to it & let’s all get this done!! You will inspire me to do something!! Hugs my second son!!

  • We are all rooting for you. We want you around a good, long time.

    I went on a similar journey several years ago. Here’s what worked for me:
    – exercise is good but 80% of weight loss is achieved by changing of eating habits.
    – avoid drinking calories. A can of soda a day adds 15 lbs per year of weight gain. Diet sodas are bad too. Kicking soda was easier than I expected and now I find it way too sweet and carbonated.
    – have reasonable plans. An all-protein diet makes for fast weight loss but is not sustainable in the long term. It’s better to lose 1-2 lbs per month, every month permanently vs. a huge unrealistic, unsustainable goal.
    – small lifestyle changes over time are better than a dramatic lifestyle shift. I was eating pizza 4-5 times per week because I love pizza. I now eat it once or twice per week.
    – enjoy what you eat. I hate salads and kale so I avoid them. But enjoy grilled vegetables so I load up on those instead. I also love rice but eat much less now than I used to.

    Good luck, bro! And keep us posted.

  • Jeff

    I have seen what you capable of when you put your mind to something …not many people could convince themselves that a truck load of keyboards was a good idea!

    You have a ton of people that enjoy having you around. You just need to find what will keep you focused on the end goal.

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