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You Don’t Know Flack – Episode 101

Title: You Don’t Know Flack Episode 101 – Firsts
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Comments: You Don’t Know Flack is my new podcast, in which I tell stories related to retro computers, videogames, arcade games, and technology. If you enjoy my stories and/or my blogs, you’ll enjoy this podcast. Episodes will be released on the 1st and 15th of each month, and will run approximately 30-45 minutes in length. In the first episode of You Don’t Know Flack I discuss three firsts in my life: my first videogame console (the Volley VI pong clone, by Roberts), my first home computer (TRS-80 Model III), and the first arcade game I ever purchased (Taito’s Elevator Action).

(Edit: This first episode contains a few audio pops, clicks and glitches. These bugs were worked out by episode 102. Stupid technology …)

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