Satisfied at 44

The week before I began my 44th trip around the sun I was in a bit of a funk. In July my doctor told me it’s time to lose weight “or else.” I didn’t read nearly as much as I hoped to over the summer, nor did I finish writing either of the books I started. It seems like all of my projects gained more cobwebs than traction. In regards to my personal goals, I was feeling pretty unsatisfied.

Last weekend Susan signed up to volunteer at the TED conference in Kansas City, Missouri, and talked me into riding along. We stayed at a nice, new hotel and ate dinner at a local casino. Even though we were gone less than 24 hours, it was a nice way to end the summer.

After we returned home, Susan gave me my first (of what turned out to be several) birthday gifts: a new leather chair for my office. I must have forgot how many times I’ve complained about my thirty-year-old computer chair (which was a hand-me-down when I got it). The chair hasn’t had any padding in at least a decade, and I dread sitting it for any length of time. “I hope you write a great book in your new chair,” she said.

Over the past few days, Susan and the kids have presented me with a steady stream of small gifts. A few months ago I mentioned to Susan that while I loved our new coffee mug tree, it was a shame we never saw (or used) the mugs stored on the back side. Monday, she bought me a lazy Susan to put underneath the tree. Now, it spins freely! My doctor told me I need to be drinking more water; Morgan bought me a new water bottle that’s the perfect size. Mason came home after school on my birthday with a gift bag filled with my favorite drinks and snacks from the convenient store.

On Sunday, I visited Science Museum Oklahoma with my mom and her husband and saw the Ray Harryhausen exhibit (I’ll be writing more about that shortly). On Tuesday (my birthday), I had breakfast with two of my great friends (Scott and Andy), ate steak for lunch with Susan and my dad, and sushi for dinner with Susan and the kids.

I went to bed very satisfied.

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3 comments to Satisfied at 44

  • Gray Defender

    Happy Birthday Rob! I would recommend checking out “What the health” on Netflix, and CONSIDER either switching to a plant based diet if possible or at least a couple days a week and ease into it. As for your projects I do believe you have to be in the right mood in order to be most productive. I always enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work!

  • Paul in AZ

    You’ve helped me do morning walks for the past 6-8 months (finally got the okay after foot surgery – and I had quite a bit of weight to lose). I listen to your various podcasts as I walk, and they keep my mind on happier things. Just this morning was the arcade game podcast with HEAVY BARREL. The story of what you went through to pick up the cabinet in Houston is an instant classic.

    Find some podcasts that you like, load ’em on your phone and go – start short and small and build up. Get yourself a pair of very comfortable walking or running shoes, and get going. You can do this! Most smart phones have mileage/fitness apps built in, and you can track your progress. If it helps, set goals and give yourself small rewards.

  • Sarah

    And mostly, remember this: even a bit of regular exercise (like taking a walk or riding a bike) can make a whole difference on the inside of your body. Even if you don’t shed a single ounce, you’d still be healthier.

    Been using my stationary bike for half an hour almost daily for the past month (it’s set in the living room, so I either watch videos on youtube or old TV shows via Netflix, CraveTV and Amazon Prime Video — these days, been on a Seinfeld and Roseanne kick). Some days are better than others (and I still find the seat far from comfy), but I try to make an effort to include it as much as I can. We’ve been writing the stats on the calendar, not so much to follow them strictly, but simply as a comparison point.

    Oh, and I recommend you read about the Health at every size approach.

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