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Bet on It

Friday was Mason’s last day of kindergarten. Friday was also the date of the Shedeck Talent Show, in which Mason and his (girl)friend Sadie performed “Bet on It” from High School Musical II. High School Musical is, so I’m told, “this generation’s Grease.” Personally I think this generation’s Grease should be “Grease”, but whatever.

Mason was scheduled to perform 26th out of 28 acts. Before the show started, Susan was saying things like, “I’m just so excited he signed up to perform,” and I was thinking things like, “please God, don’t let the boy suck.” And I don’t care if the performance is stellar or not — I just need the boy to get through his song without anyone booing or throwing fruit at him or anything.

Patiently, Susan and I sat through 25 displays of talent, some better than others. Four different groups of kids got up and told jokes as their talent. All four groups mumbled unintelligably into the microphone during their performances — I couldn’t make out a single word the entire time. Two different groups of four performed “jumproping” as their talents — not syncronized or organized jumproping, mind you. One little girl sang half a song, forgot the words, and walked off the stage. She’ll remember that for a long time. I still remember when it happened to me.

After an hour or so, it was finally Mason’s turn. I guess God heard my prayers, and the boy did not suck. He and Sadie sang as planned, nothing went too wrong, and people clapped when they were done. Mason may or may not remember the performance, but if he does, at least it won’t be because it was a traumatic experience.

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1 comment to Bet on It

  • Good job doing a crowd scan before the shots of the kid singing; that shows us explicitly what the situation was, so we could properly conclude, at least in my case, that I’d have pooped by shorts at that age. Facing hundreds of people is terrifying.