"Make a contribution and you'll get a better seat." -Metallica, "Leper Messiah"

Happy Birthday, Mason (Next Mile Ahead)

Five minutes after Mason was born, I had emailed pictures of him to my coworkers and my family. That was quite a feat sixteen years ago, back in 2001. First I had to transfer the pictures from my digital camera to my laptop using a special cable. Next I had to resize the pictures, because emailing pictures 1MB in size was unheard of. Then I had to connect my laptop to a spare phone jack in the hospital room, and dial up to connect to the internet. While the pictures uploaded, I killed time playing my brand new Gameboy Advance.

Sixteen years is a long time.

As a toddler, Mason was gentile, brilliant, creative, hard-headed, empathetic, and awesome. As a sixteen-year-old young man, not much has changed. We are proud of who you are, and look forward to seeing what the next mile ahead brings.

Happy Birthday, my little man.

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