"Toll due, bad dream come true, I lie dead gone under red sky." -Alice in Chains, "Them Bones"

Packing Twice

I spent a couple of hours last night packing for OVGE. I’m at the point where I have way too much excess videogame crap. It’s time to get rid of some things. For example, the Sega Dreamcast has four controller ports. Theoretically I need four Dreamcast controllers, in case three people magically show up and we decide to play a four-player Dreamcast game. (We interrupt this blog entry with a blast of reality; no one has ever shown up at my house ever and wanted to play my Dreamcast, much less three people.) At any rate, while cleaning out the closet last night I found not only thirteen Dreamcast controllers, but four spare Dreamcasts! It should be noted that I have no particular affinity toward Sega or the Dreamcast — somehow along the way I simply acquired this stuff … and now it’s time to unacquire a bit of it. I’ll still be keeping four controllers and two Dreamcasts (one black, one white — duh), but the rest of the controllers and consoles, along with lots of their little friends, will be heading to Tulsa this weekend.

Today around 4pm, Mason and I hit the road for Wichita, Kansas. Susan picked us up two tickets to the Weird Al concert there. It’s a three-hour road trip, so we’re spending the night there and heading back to OKC early in the morning. I’ll post a review of the show tomorrow, along with any last pre-OVGE thoughts.

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