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Thunder Pounded

Mason and I attended another Thunder game last night, where we (the Oklahoma City Thunder) received the butt-kicking most of us were expecting. Last night we played the Orlando Magic. Orlando brought superstar Dwight Howard, who scored the first triple double of his career, while the Thunder’s best player, Kevin Durant, sat out due to a “sore left ankle” (aww).

The Thunder looked like a high school team trying to keep up with the Orlando Magic. The announcers begged the crowd to shout “DE-FENSE,” and each time we did the Orlando Magic would walk down the court, reach up and place the ball in the net. When the Thunder would get the ball the Magic would take it away, walk down the court, and gently place the ball into the hoop. Either the Thunder could not hear our cries of “DE-FENSE” or they simply ignored our advice.

By the end of the first quarter the Thunder was down by 20 (17-37) and some people had already begun leaving. By halftime we were down 29 points. Most people might think it would be safe to pull your star player (Dwight Howard) out of the game, but no, he stayed on the court the entire night, rejecting Thunder baskets at will (sometimes knocking them clear into the stands). The final score (Magic 109, Thunder 92) barely conveys how badly we were over powered.

Mason, with cotton candy in hand and a Desmond Mason jersey on his back, didn’t seem to mind much.

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