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Lawn Dart

Believe it or not, there’s a reason I parked in the front yard this afternoon.

Today’s ice storm left the roads icy — like, real icy. And unfortunately, our driveway is so steep that when it’s icy, the cars just slide down the driveway and end up out in the road. That is, unless you can get a couple of tires up onto the lawn itself, which is what I did.

You can kind of see the angle of our driveway in this shot.

We drove the van to work today and left the truck at home. Right now it’s still sitting on dry ground, but that could change. One time last winter I came out in the morning to find my truck sitting out in the middle of the road. Fun times.

We got sent home from work early this afternoon due to the ice. School’s closed tomorrow; the verdict on work tomorrow is still out.

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5 comments to Lawn Dart

  • Larry Willrath

    Where is all that global warming crap when we need it

  • Sarah

    I’m not sure in which I am more disturbed: The visual of Rob making a run at perfectly placing 2 tires on the lawn, or the fact that he went out in the freezing sleet to take photos of the parking job…..

  • Dean

    Bring out the Golf Cart!

  • Dr. Phrack

    I hope everything is closed tomorrow. I could use another day off.

  • Susan

    Sarah, if you only knew the things that Rob will jump into in the name of journalism. He has held up a line of traffic a mile long so he could snap a few photos of crashed cars with his camera phone, had me drop him off and drive a mile lap to come get him to take pics of…whatever the news of the day is. This man ia a journalist at heart – must report on anything and everything that might be interesting to someone. I’m glad though – it’s one of the things I like about Mr. O’.