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MachineGex’s Corner NES Shelves

When reader Tom (MachineGex) saw this oddly-shaped corner in his game room, he did what any of us would do — he squeezed some custom shelves in there to display his massive collection of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games!

From Tom: “The NES shelf is actually two separate shelves. If you look at the bottom, you can see how I used the left over shelf pieces to fill the space between the two shelves. I just put extra shelves in between them, and no one can tell that it is actually not one big shelf (see second picture for a better explanation). I also took off the baseboard and cut it to size so the shelves fit nice and snug in the corner area. It gives it a more built in look.”

It certainly does, Tom! Here is the second picture Tom sent, which explains how he “fused” the two sets of shelves.

Later this week we’ll be looking at some of Tom’s other custom shelves he’s put up around his house. Thanks again Tom for the pictures and the write-up!

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