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Thunder Pound 76ers

Earlier tonight the 25th-ranked OKC Thunder took on the 18th-ranked Philadelphia 76ers. It was my 12th Thunder game to attend in person this season, and my and Mason’s first since the team adopted their new mascot, Rumble the Bison.

The Thunder came out strong and led by 8 early in the first (13-5) and held the lead for much of the first half, which is pretty amazing considering our two best scorers (Durant and Green) are out due to injuries. After taking the lead the Thunder did the same thing they always do — they blew it while forgetting how to play defense. The 76ers performed dunk after dunk while the Thunder just stood around, picking their noses. On one play I watched one of the 76ers waltz through three Thunder defenders and dunk it hard while our guys just stood around flat-footed, looking at one another.

For almost a solid quarter Loud City screamed at the Thunder to do something right. The 76ers stole the ball practically at will and dunked so many times I lost count. But at the beginning of the second quarter the Thunder went on a 20-2 run, which pretty much sealed the deal early in the game. NBA veteran Malik Rose and Nenad Krstic combined for 34 points, close to half of the Thunder’s total score, 89-74.

Earlier in the season I bet my buddy Tim Dog lunch that the Thunder wouldn’t win 18 games this season (this was back when they were on par to win about 9). Tonight’s win brings the total to 17 wins. I hope Tim Dog likes spit sandwiches …

(Mason wanted me to add that tonight was glow-stick night and the first 5,000 kids got free glow-sticks. He also said that the corn dog he ate was very good.)

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1 comment to Thunder Pound 76ers

  • Hopefully Mason didn’t confuse the glow stick with the hot dog.

    It’s cool that you attended so many games and are such a dedicated fan. I’ve only gone to four Basketball games this season (3 Lady Lobos and one men’s Lobos game) but that’s still four more than last year.