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Podcast Status

Message from Hexcrasher: “Kinda waiting for the next one Flack… :D”

Message from Jason Scott: “Hey, next one, Flack! Fire that mike up! Stop reading!”

Message from Dwayne Johnson: “6 great podcasts and you call it quits? Fire up that microphone and get on it.”

Message from Andy Marsh: “Cool podcast […] Oh and please keep up the YDKF podcasts. Very entertaining, lots of memories there!”

Ah yes, the podcast! I haven’t given up on “You Don’t Know Flack” yet, and neither should you you! Life has just been too busy to get another one recorded, and I made a promise to myself not to start (or restart) any projects until I get back from Notacon the weekend after next. The good news is, I have several good show ideas written down and plan on releasing a new episode May 1st, so be sure to check back then!

One big bummer is that I’ve never been able to get my RSS feeds working properly in WordPress. Apparently it has something to do with the theme I use, which I would hate to change at this point. When I use the default WordPress feeds, lots of feed readers error out and say that my feed has errors. I installed the feedburner plug-in which redirects my feeds through Feedburner, but now I can’t set up multiple RSS feeds which is what I originally had — one for the blog, and one for the podcast. Even worse, since the feedburner plug-in killed my podcast feed, iTunes dropped my podcast from their list. I would give somebody a two-pound chocolate bar if they came up with a working solution for me.

If you need to catch up before May 1st, here are the first six episodes of You Don’t Know Flack.

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