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Launching Pad Video

I hope the ladies over at The Launching Pad don’t kill me for posting this.

Last week, Lynda (director of The Launching Pad, the daycare both my kids currently attend and have attended since birth) conspired with Susan to convince me to film, edit, and burn a video to DVD. The video was to consist of brief interviews with multiple Launching Pad teachers answering the following question: “What do you like best about working at The Launching Pad?” I think the video is going to be used for a grant, or a conference, or something. Doesn’t matter. The time frame was “yesterday” — as in, they needed a completed product ASAP.

I was also presented with a couple of large chocolate chip cookies to help convince me. Unfortunately, they were very delicious.

Filming was to take place Friday, but unfortunately due to a surprise security event at work I wasn’t able to get away from my desk. I sent Susan over to the daycare with our camcorder and some minimal instructions: “Put the camera on the tripod, ask the question, shoot slightly from the side.” She did, and returned the camera to me Friday evening with 13 interviews lasting 11 minutes (combined). Each interview followed this format: “My name is (A), I’ve worked for the Launching Pad for (B), and my favorite thing about working here is (C).”

After watching the footage it made sense to me to recut the whole thing and group all the “A” answers together, emphasizing how long some of the teachers at the Launching Pad have been there. Most of the footage we ended up with mentioned either “family” or enjoying being around the kids, so I group those together as well. After approximately three hours worth of editing, I ended up with the following:

I hope everybody over at the Launching Pad enjoys the final product. I know that after putting this together, I sure appreciate the Launching Pad and its staff a little more. Thank you guys (er, gals) for all you do.

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1 comment to Launching Pad Video

  • Rob

    “I hope the ladies over at The Launching Pad don’t kill me for posting this.”

    While they didn’t kill me, they did ask for it to be removed from YouTube.