More Trash

Couldn’t sleep last night (again) so I made up a new game called “throw 50 things away”. Then I couldn’t find anything I wanted to get rid of so I threw 50 of Susan’s things away. Just kidding. Added one new category to the trash pile (Toys I’ve Thrown Away) and added a dozen or so pictures to the Misc Category, mostly of old wigs and puppet.

Sorry Bert, your time had come.

(Yes, as a kid I peeled off Bert’s hair and eyebrows.)

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4 comments to More Trash

  • Susan

    Yuck! Hey Kids, it’s chemo Burt! I didn’t notice anything actually in the trash bin, so, er, uh, where’d you actually throw all the stuff away???

  • Susan

    Oh wait, after looking at the pictures, I”m hoping you put all that stuff in a black sack for the goodwill box, right???

  • Oh man I had this “insultinator” toy, which was a lot like the Grossinator. You could use the buttons to switch up an opener, 2 adjectives, and a final noun – then hit the button to unleash pre-recorded verbal abuse.

    I still remember the default: “You’re a totally… gross… boring… nerd!”

  • Mom

    I assume the ‘insultinator’ was inspired by Don Rickles. May they both rest in peace!