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Back to School Night

Tonight was “Back to School Night” for the kids, where you take your kid(s) to school, find their new teacher(s) and classroom(s), and get them “acclimated” as best you can. Susan said she doesn’t remember having Back to School nights as a kid. I vaguely remember but it seems like we always went during the day. Maybe back when we went to school they were open both during the day and at night. I don’t remember. Mom?

In a moment of foreshadowing that parallels anything the great classic authors ever penned, the first person Morgan met was the new principal. For a moment, their eyes locked. I’m still not sure who was more afraid of whom, but I am sure that they will meet again.

Morgan’s teacher was soft-spoken and calm; Mason’s was bubbly, giddy, and told Mason she “lived for smiles” as she took his picture with her digital camera. Essentially they were exactly what you would want in Pre-K and second grade teachers. Mason saw some old friends and already started making some new ones. Someday, Mason will be remembered by his teachers as the smart and funny kid.

Morgan will be remembered as the leader of the rebellion …

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2 comments to Back to School Night

  • Mom

    You’re asking the ditz to remember 25+ years ago? Get real. It kind of seems like the first day of school we went in with you, found your chair, stayed a bit, and then crept out to let you get acquainted. You would be right about it being daytime. I don’t remember any night-time meet until open house in the fall, when we got to see a bit of what you were doing. Things have changed a lot. Of course, after you got up a grade or two, you just caught the bus and I lined you all up for pictures and then waved by as you rode away! I usually shed a tear or two, but after the first couple of years they were tears of joy! Happy first day of school!

  • Zeno

    I’ve got a similar event coming up tomorrow night for Alex as he transitions into middle school, and I’ve been informed that there will be free barbecue, so 6th grade is starting off on the bright side of things.