"The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up." -Mark Twain

Mason Knows the Score

Mason: I’m still hungry.
Me: You want one of those frozen PB&J sandwiches?
Mason: Mommy said those are only for school lunches.
Me: Yeah, well right now she’s not here and I’m in charge.
Mason: But what happens when she comes home?

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9 comments to Mason Knows the Score

  • This padawan cannot be swayed to the dark side.

  • Uncle Joe

    No frozen PB&J sandwiches except for school lunches—That’s what happens!

  • Come join the dark side we have cookies too!

  • Nothing happens when she comes home unless she’s one of those moms who counts the sammiches. “Hey! There are only 15 PB&J sandwiches left! There should be 18! Who ate the 3 sandwiches at home instead of at school?”

    My mom was like that: we could never grab a snack from the refrigerator – she’d find out about it right away.

  • Susan

    OK, so I’m just home and have completed the inventory. Although the correct number of PB&J sandwiches are in the box, the expiration date on the box is different than the one I left. But you wouldn’t have um, bought a new box, and eaten that one down to the correct number, right???

  • Wouldn’t it have been smarter just to buy a new box and eat the sammiches in that box? That way the original box would be untouched. Am I being too logical here? Or is it just my many years of experience learning how to circumvent my mom?

  • OK, this situation reminds me of one of my favorite TMBG songs. The lyrics go like this:

    There were 87 PB&J’s in the freezer
    now there’s 30 left.
    The kids ate 47 at school
    so what happened to the other ten?
    Why do you suspiciously change the topic
    as I empty out the freezer and count them all over again?

    OK, I’ve had my say in this. I won’t bother this thread any more. :D

  • Kids come up with brilliant pieces of wisdom when you least expect it.