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Quiet on the Homefront

I wish I had more to write about at the moment.

Work is moving forward, rapidly. Last week I taught a beginner’s class covering the basics of performing a network scan with Nessus. Next month I’m headed for DC to perform a network penetration test (“Pen Test”) on an undisclosed computer network. (The network is a customer’s, not ours.)

Last week at work, our team drove around the campus Wardriving. Wardriving, according to Wikipedia, is “the act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks by a person in a moving vehicle, using a portable computer or PDA.” Yet another example of something I’ve done recreationally that suddenly I found myself getting paid for. The purpose of wardriving our own campus is to find rogue wireless access points that have been set up without permission. We also drove around the perimeter of the campus to make sure our wireless signals can’t be accessed from public land. I’m having a blast at work.

Today at work, I am attending “New Employee Orientation.” From what I’ve determined, the eight-hour course covers three main things: the FAA’s mission, the specific organizations that perform that mission, and a tour of the campus. While I have only been in this department for three months, I’ve been working on this campus for almost fifteen years. I’m going in with positive thoughts, but loading up on coffee just in case.

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