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Mason’s Big 8

Saturday was Mason’s eighth birthday. One of the downsides of having a December birthday is that his parties are always indoors. (Morgan on the other hand, who was born in June, has had three of her four birthday parties outdoors.) After tossing a few ideas back and forth we settled on Incredible Pizza.

Susan called Incredible Pizza two weeks in advance, but they lost our reservation and by the time they got a hold of us, they had rented out all their birthday rooms! Instead, we got placed in the corporate event room. Our party looked a little small in there; Mason invited eight kids and the room seats 300, so we just moved everything into a corner and holed up in there.

The first half of the party was kind of weird. Our Incredible Pizza Hostess tried playing some games with the kids, but they were so out of control that it was just kind of a madhouse. Not to mention, the gigantic room gave the kids plenty of room to roll and run around in and play tag and a bunch of other running games. After finally getting everyone fed, it was time to blow the candles out on Mason’s custom Pokemon cake. Susan had the cake made at a local bakery who initially refused to put a Pokemon on top because it was a copyrighted image — so, Susan had to hand draw and color the picture, which is what they finally agreed to put on the cake.

After cake and presents, it was time for a little go-kart racing.

Mason took fourth place during his round. Susan took first. I’m not sure what place Morgan and Mamaw ended up in. After the races ended, the kids spent the next couple of hours playing video games and collecting tickets.

The choices were many …

… but Mason finally settled on “Puplip” the Pokemon (I think).

Thanks to everybody who came out. Mason had a great time and a great weekend! If you want to see a lot more pictures from the party, Click Here.

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