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A Room with a View

This week I find myself working on the 23rd floor of a Federal building located on the south side of Manhattan. From the south side of the building, you can see where the Twin Towers stood, and where the remaining towers stand. Several of the employees I spoke with today recounted their recollections of that day. Looking out the west side, you can see the Hudson River. Last year while looking out the window, several employees noticed U.S. Airways Flight 1549 floating down the river after crash landing in it. Looking out the north side of the river, you can see all the way across Manhattan, with the Empire State Building standing tall in the background.

More pictures from the office here.

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4 comments to A Room with a View

  • shadow

    As you’ve undoubtedly noticed it looks a lot different from up there, doesn’t it?

  • uncle Kenny

    Rob are you going to have any time to site see? If you go to the Statue Of Liberty take you a bottle of water and a sandwich. Their Hamburgers suck and for $8 a 99 cent double cheesburger at Mc’s is worth twice as much. Don’t know how long the lines are now but I still enjoyed seeing the old gal. Ellis Island was kinda a let down for me, it was much better watching it on the history channel.
    Lastly listen and see if you hear anyone still laughing about the Beverly Hillbillies from Snow Oklahoma last Sept. that were out there. The ones that the Capitol Police and Pentagon Police got during the Tea Party (grin) See if they have my picture posted anywhere yet. Oh yea they don’t like you to have any napkins in your pockets when you go through security, be sure and put ’em in the tray also. Next time I am gonna make sure mine have snot on ’em.
    uncle Ken

  • Uncle Joe

    looks dirty

  • Picture I took of my friend Charles on top of the WTC, Spring 2000