Irish Proverb: Fair words never fed a friar.

I have set up a new sub-site for the You Don’t Know Flack podcast. The new sub-site is:

That site has its own RSS Feed.

Here is the iTunes Web Link.

Here is the iTunes Store Link.

A new episode should go online this weekend. The new episode will be posted both here ( and there ( All new episodes will be posted there only. Notes will also appear via Twitter and Facebook, so yeah; it’ll be hard to miss.

In the meantime, check out these other podcasts:

Retrobits: Great stories about the early days of home computing.

Boring Beige Box: Stories about the late 80s/early 90s era of computing.

The Retroist: Informative stories about the 80s (not just games).

(Thanks to my Facebook peeps for all the suggestions!)

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