Fraze’s DIY Game Shelves

My friend Fraze sent me these pictures of his shelves forever ago and I’ve been sitting on them for just as long. Sorry, Fraze!

About 2 years ago I too struggled with how to store my gaming and movie media. I specifically wanted something I could mount to a wall but was properly profiled and looked nice, opposed to putting up those dollar brackets and a shelf you can get at Home Depot. Originally I wanted them to specifically hold DVD’s, BluRays and various types of games, but that’s expanded to pictures and other items. I currently have 5 of these now holding various types of media in various rooms in my house. They work very well and they are all identical in size and dimension. Forgive the details as I am better at building them than explaining how to build them.

– the side pieces are 30″ long and 5″ wide
– the shelves themselves are 40″ long and 5″ deep

The above pieces are cut and assembled, pretty straight forward. Use oak, pine, beech, cherry whatever you like and stain/paint to whatever you prefer. I like the look of wood in its natural state so I rarely paint it so I typically use a clear stain. If you look at the pictures, you will see the 2 pieces that have a bunch of holes in them, those are the mounting pieces.

– 39.5″ long and 2″ in height.
– 26″ long 1″ wide side frame mount pieces

The reason I put holes evenly all across the bottom was to allow for easy mounting to a wall, but it turned out to be aesthetically pleasing as well. *Most* rooms are built and studded 16″ off center but…depending on your house stud finders etc, things dont always line up that way so this allows you to hang it pretty much anywhere you want on a wall and not filling your wall with holes finding studs. Anyhow, all you do is mount the pre drilled rail pieces and then the shelf attaches to them.

Thanks again for the e-mail and the photos, Fraze. Keep the submissions coming folks!

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