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Just About Done!

Finished all my work in Chicago earlier today. This week I performed multiple wireless, security, and compliancy scans for a client in downtown Chicago, and stayed in a hotel right downtown. The hotel room was small. I mean, really small. You can tell a hotel room is small when the hotel utilizes some of the same furniture and design tricks that I saw in our cabin during our cruise to Cozumel. In my hotel room, the stand to hold my suitcase folded down from the wall, the ledge above the sink in the bathroom was about two inches deep, and the closet, instead of a sliding door, had a door that was held shut with a magnet. It wasn’t quite as small as the hotel room I occupied in New York City, but it was close. I suppose the old adage regarding “location, location, location” applies here. The room in Chicago was just over $200 a night; for that kind of money in Oklahoma, you could probably rent an entire wing. Then again, here, when you walk out of your hotel room, you’re standing in the heart of Chicago. In Oklahoma when you walk out of a hotel room, you’re still in Oklahoma.

The hotel I stayed at was “0.1 miles” away (according to Google Maps), which took less than five minutes to walk each morning. My hotel was next door to a Starbucks and caddy-corner from a 7-11, so morning coffee and snacks were no problem — and, I was less than a block away from Dunkin Donuts, which also made for a tasty breakfast treat. For lunch I had Panda Express one day (it was in the food court and I was in a hurry), Fast Foo’s one day (the Almond Chicken was pretty good) and Chicago hot dogs on Thursday (I was running behind schedule and got caught up a bit). For dinner this week we’ve squeezed in both Chicago-style pizza and Italian Beef Sandwiches. One night my Uncle Joe made chop suey, and tonight my Aunt Linda and Uncle Buddy made lasagna. Perhaps tomorrow I will jog the 800 miles back home in order to lose the weight I put on this week.

Tonight I got to meet in person someone I previously only knew online — Matt, the creator of the Boring Beige Box podcast and a few other websites. What a great guy! Had a blast hanging out in Target’s Starbucks (closed it down, actually) sharing old and new computer stories. I had a really great time. It is always nice to put a face to a name, especially one who is such a kindred spirit. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule for me, Matt!

It’s my last night in Chicago. Tomorrow morning Dad and I are grabbing breakfast with the fam and hitting the road shortly after. Can’t wait to get home and see Susan and the kids. I miss you guys, and will see you tomorrow night!

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3 comments to Just About Done!

  • Brent

    Smallest hotel I ever stayed in was in Paris. It made the cruise ship room look like a mansion. It had a pretty cool view though. It was on the top floor and you could look out over the roof tops of Paris, which was great.

  • mattw

    Hey Rob! I had a blast and enjoyed hanging out. Hope we get to do it again one day!

  • Aunt Linda

    If your trip was a success you used your hotel room for sleeping. Bathroom is good too! Now Paris…I don’t know if I’d have even slept!

    If was great to see you, Rob! Always is.