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Four Extras …

“Well, here’s the deal. We’ve got four extra apostrophes and we need to use them somewhere.”

“But wouldn’t it make more sense to put apostrophes in all the words that end in S? Or none of them?”

“Yes. But unfortunately, we only have four extras, and they gotta go somewhere. Now get to work.”

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6 comments to Four Extras …

  • Mom

    They could have used one of them on “kids”.

  • At least they did not use one on VHS

  • Whenever someone sends me a document with lots of misused apostrophes, I’m always tempted to do a global search and replace to insert an apostrophe after EVERY s. Including inside words. Er, excuse me. Including in’side word’s.

    I’ve only ever done it once, but it got the point across.

    Misused apostrophes are my biggest pet peeve. Especially when people aren’t even consistent in their misuse, which is the case more often than one would think.

  • Susan

    Wait! What thrift store were you at? Because there’s one somewhere in the city that supports the charity dedicated to the grammatically challenged, right?

  • Christina

    How funny that the “Bible’s” are free….I feel the same way about the Daily Oklahoman when they sit outside WalMart trying to flog it on someone…can’t give the s*#t away… :)

  • Too bad it didn’t say Boxed ColecoVision Game’s $.50.