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Thoughts of Denver …

I’ve visited Denver a few times before, but never for longer than 24 hours.

Denver’s got to be the most environmentally-conscious town I’ve ever visited. There’s very little traffic congestion downtown because so many people commute via train, or the metro, or ride bicycles. (There’s plenty of rush hour traffic after work, however, as all those commuters reach their cars and scramble to get out of town. And actually, today there was just as much traffic heading toward Denver as there was heading away from it.) At the location I’m working at this week, there are plenty of restaurants to hit within walking distance, I had lunch at Illegal Pete’s and had a giant burrito. For dinner, Dad and I had a Chicago-style pizza at Nicolo’s, which was pretty dang authentic (except they cut it into slices instead of squares). We forgave them. I don’t really know what you would call “Denver Food” (other than I have had many Denver Omelettes before …) but everything we’ve had so far to eat has been good.

Later today I’ll be taking a quick trip to Golden, Colorado, before heading back to Denver and spending the evening with Robb Sherwin. It’s been a good trip so far; hanging out with Robb will no doubt make it a great one!

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2 comments to Thoughts of Denver …

  • Zeno

    Recommended for “Colorado-style” pizza (as well as some decent microbrews): A place called BeauJo’s. I think they still have a location in Denver. Michelle and I used to make a point of eating in the Colorado Springs location any time we drove through that state traversing between NM and NE. It’s worth the search effort

  • Natalie

    BeauJo’s is definitely a great place to go, although I prefer the one in Idaho Springs to the one in the city (it’s the atmosphere and being in a small mountain town that I like). If you have time while you are in Golden take the tour at the Coors Brewery (free beer at the end!). If not, at least stop for a Coors product somewhere since it’s as fresh as you can get.