Boardgame Shelves!

Chad “chaddyboy_2000” Krizan over at built the shelves you see below, and I definitely have to say I am jealous! Due to the cumbersome shape of the boxes, displaying and storing board games properly requires custom (and deep) shelves. I am friends with a couple of board game collectors who I plan on sharing the following information with. I hope Chad’s great example helps somebody out! The following text is Chad’s:

Alright, now we’re actually to an exciting part! I got all the boring stuff done, like painting and sawing everything to size, so it’s time to assemble some shelves.

Pretty much all it took was putting the uprights in place, and then installing some cleats on the wall and the sides of the uprights to rest the shelves on. The short stick of wood sitting on the shelf is essentially just a gauge I made to make sure the spacing of the shelves stayed consistent. Before tacking the cleat to the wall with a nail gun, I just had to stick the gauge beneath the shelf to ensure the correct height, rather than having to measure along the entire length of the shelf. One the cleat was tacked up, I went along and drove screws through the cleat into the wall studs.

Repeat this process a bunch of times, and presto, you have a whole wall of shelves!

Once the shelves were up, the instant gratification part of me told me to fill the shelves up with games! Since these were the 17″ deep shelves, all of the big games made it into this section. The really big games on the top shelf will probably be moved to the more plentiful 13″ deep shelving that I still have to build, as they don’t require 17″ of depth to sit up there, and I’ll need that space for future game acquisitions!I also have some details to take care of, such as running some crown molding around the top, and some other molding to finish it off. However, it’s functional for now, and I’ll be finishing everything else first before going back and making it all look prettier.


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