Lego Star Wars Magnet Collection

It was suggested to me at work the other day that another employee had “more Lego Star Wars magnet figures” than I had. Anyone who knows me should know these two things:

01. Nobody has more Star Wars crap than I do.

02. If someone claims to have more Star wars crap than I do, they will soon discover that I am not only an idiot, but an idiot with credit cards (one of which has Darth Vader on the front — and no, I’m not kidding).

With that I present to you the entire collection of Lego Star Wars magnet figures. Now you cannot have more of these than I do. The best you can do is tie.

Do, or do not. There is no try.

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3 comments to Lego Star Wars Magnet Collection

  • Kerry

    No way! Is that Han Solo at the end!?! I love it! We have guys like you at work (and I say that in a totally loving and non-derogatory way). LOL! When I’m bored and/or pissed and wanting to f*ck with someone I intentionally misquote a character or reference the wrong series (of any subject…not just StarWars) to see how long before I’m corrected OR I refuse to believe them to see how pissed off they get. Then I take bets as to how long before he walks into my office with documented PROOF or that a YouTube link comes to my email…then followed up with an office visit to make sure I got the link! HAHAHA! Yes, yes I am a b!tch! But my gosh is it some funny stuff. :)

  • Do you have all those Star Wars Magnets because of your magnetic personality and they were attracted to you?

  • Mom

    1) He had no idea what he was doing when he challenged your superiority at Star Wars collecting.

    2) Susan should take your credit cards away! LOL

    3) He who dies with the most toys wins! (You can’t help yourself; you inherited this one!!)