Irish Proverb: Show the fatted calf but not the thing that fattened him.

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Something to “cool of with”

Looking for something to “Cool of With”? Look no further than McDonald’s!

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5 comments to Something to “cool of with”

  • Only if M.C. Doble serves it to me.

  • I think it’s someone’s name, not a sentence. It’s in the spirit of the “Duke of Earl”: The “Cool of With”.

  • I don’t eat pig and I don’t eat hog, but I wish McDonald’s served a big hot dog! Eat where you want! I’m eatin at McDonald’s!

  • Mom

    Saw on the news yesterday that on the approach to the airport there is a sign that says: Terminal (with an arrow straight ahead), and on the next line National Gaurd (with an arrow to the right). Yep, misspelled guard on a big green highway sign! Look for it.

  • Matt Bailey

    You should see some of the e-mails and notes written at my work. /facepalm I’ve never seen so many people write like English is their second language, when it’s their primary one.