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iPad Valentine’s Day Box

Continuing Mason’s theme of tech related Valentine’s Day boxes (in years past we made a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo Wii), this year Mason wanted to make an iPad Valentine’s Day box. So we did.

The first step was making the box. It seems like we always buy shoes right before Valentine’s Day, which continues to work in our advantage. Two shoe box lids, cut off and taped together, formed the box.

Step two involved wrapping the box in aluminum foil. Susan did this part.

While Susan was wrapping the box, I printed out a blank iPad template I made in Photoshop. It’s not perfect, but it did the job.

Mason then went to town with a bucket full of markers and colored pencils, creating the icons. I have to say, they look pretty good! We could have printed out the real icons in Photoshop, but I felt like this gave it a bit of a home made look.

Finally, we printed out a black Apple logo from the Internet and taped it to the back.

Instant Valentine’s Day iPad box!

(Note: there’s a big hole in the bottom, where Valentine’s can be slid in.)

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3 comments to iPad Valentine’s Day Box

  • ladyjaye

    Wow! Great job! And I love Mason’s drawing and coloring job — he does a much better job than I’d ever do… :P

    Seriously, those techie Valentine Day boxes are really cool. :D

  • Kerry

    LOVE IT!!! I remember one of the very first blog posts that I read of yours was the one you did last year. I just loved the creativity but then hating my grade school teachers who always made us decorate paper lunch bags with construction paper hearts. Lame. :)

  • Steve Davis

    I never got any valentines at that age and I’m bitter.