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Laptop Blues

Came in to work today, and after plugging in my laptop I got the following error:

“Your system is docked, but the AC Power Adapter type cannot be determined. Either undock or insert an appropriate adapter. Strike the F1 key to shutdown.”

I can get it to turn on as long as it’s not docked into my docking station. After doing some online troubleshooting and then working with Dell, it was determined that the motherboard of my laptop (an Inspiron 8500, purchased in August of 2004) is bad and needs to be replaced. Of course that can’t be done locally, so I’m frantically copying/backing up files, preparing my baby to be shipped across country to be gutted and (hopefully) fixed.

Other news, let’s see … had a friend of mine from Digital Press (k8track) stop by and hang out over the weekend. Always fun to run around with a fellow retrogamer for a day.

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