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Another Crammed Weekend

Saturday dad and I ended up going to Tulsa for a Chicago-style beef sandwich. I thought the food was slightly better than he did, but then again he grew up in Chicago so he’s comparing it to actual Chicago cuisine while I was comparing it to a Whopper. While in Chicago we hit a few of my normal romps; Vintage Stock, Gardner’s Bookstore, and a flea market which turned out to be really cool. They had lots of video game stuff so I bought a few old games.

Sunday was Linda’s baby shower, so while the girls (Susan and Morgan) went to that, the boys (Mason and I) had the afternoon to ourselves. I told Mason I was going to take him to an arcade, but he thought that just meant the backyard. After spending a few minutes back there we went toward Crossroad’s Mall. I picked up two different items I’d been wanting — a new, brighter Gameboy Advanced (which I may have already lost to Mason), and Guitar Hero, the PS2 game which uses a plastic guitar as a controller. It’s mucho fun, and I can see myself wearing out the whammy bar in the near future.

We also stopped by Toys R’ Us, or as I renamed it yesterday, Toys Were Us. The whole store was completely picked over with lots of bare shelves and massive price slashing. The first wave of Toys R’ Us stores have already closed; I suspect ours is about to join them.

After hitting Best Buy and Toys Were Us, Mason and I hit the mall where we played in the arcade and ate S’Barro’s pizza ($13.07 for 3 slices of pizza and 2 Cokes). Then we headed back home, where we arrived just in time for an afternoon nap.

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