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End of Year School Programs!

It’s the end of the school year, and that means lots of school programs to attend. Between the two kids, Susan and I were invited to over half a dozen events over the past week and a half. We couldn’t attend them all, so we had to pick and choose a bit. I think we hit all the big ones.

Last week, Morgan performed in a school musical called “E-I-E-I-Oops”, a musical about a cow that forgot how to moo. Morgan was a duck.

Morgan is tied as the tallest kid in her class, so they almost always stick her in the back. I was surprised to see her on the front row this time. There, she’s hard to miss.

This week was Mason’s performance in the talent show. He dressed up like an Oreo and sang Weird Al’s “The White Stuff,” a parody of an old NKOTB song (“The Right Stuff”).

Susan, Mason and I made the costume by tracing circles of our red winter sled on to some cardboard. Susan spray painted the circles brown and I decorated them. I knew those white gloves I found a year or two ago would eventually come in handy!

There was also an awards ceremony this week that Susan attended (I couldn’t make that one). Mason won an award for having the highest AR (reading) score in his grade. Go Mason!!!

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