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I Hate Dr. Ian

This weekend, Susan picked up Dr. Ian’s (host of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club new diet book. I haven’t read it, which, by the way, does not appear to be a prime requesite for being held to its rules — one must merely be married to someone who has read the book, which is my fate.

The diet begins with a detox period lasting 9 days, during which one can only eat fruits and vegetables, beans, eggs … I think that’s it. Oh, and oatmeal. So, breakfast consisted of a bowl of oatmeal, and lunch consisted of two plates of salad with a lot of eggs, a bowl of beans, and a bowl of mixed vegetables. The idea is that the first leg of the diet is supposed to trick your body into wanting to eat right again, or some such nonsense.

All I can say right now is that my body has not been tricked, and right now my mouse is looking pretty tasty.

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3 comments to I Hate Dr. Ian

  • Pat Loisel

    Do you want me to send you my list of keyboard shortcuts, just in case? By the way, if the mouse survives, it gets better in about 3 days. Hang in there!!!

  • olorin

    check the harvard medical school guide to nutrition, interesting shit. and stay the fuck away from potatoes.

  • Colton

    What about fiber? Ya gotta have some fiber in your diet. You’ll make these great big wonderful bowel movements that are simply divine!