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Over the weekend I got an e-mail from Amazon informing me that I had made $50 in virtual book sales.

As I mentioned a month or so ago, Amazon is essentially forcing authors to charge $2.99 (or more) for eBooks on the Kindle store. For any eBooks priced less than $2.99, authors only get to keep 35% of the selling price. I had originally priced both Commodork and Invading Spaces at $0.99 each, but as a result, I was only making $0.33 per copy sold. And, as I mentioned at the time, combine that with PayPal’s fee of $0.35 per transaction, and I was essentially giving out copies of my books for free. For eBooks priced $2.99 and higher, authors maintain 70% of the selling price. Now, with each $2.99 copy sold, I make approximately $2/copy (before fees). It’s making an immediate difference in my returns, I assure you.

For anyone wishing to purchase either of my books for the Amazon Kindle, here are the links:

Commodork (Amazon Kindle Store, $2.99)
Invading Spaces (Amazon Kindle Store, $2.99)

If you wish to purchase DRM-free PDF copies of my books, you can get them here:

Commodork (DRM-free PDF, $2.99)
Invading Spaces (DRM-free PDF, $2.99)

I still sell physical copies of both books (which you can find at the same links as the PDF copies, listed above), but for about a year now virtual copies have been outselling the physical ones. If you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of either book, your best bang for the buck is still picking up one of Jason Scott’s combo packs, which includes both a signed copy of Commodork and the 3 DVD set of the BBS Documentary.

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4 Responses to “$50 from Amazon”

  1. NickyT says:

    Oh, sweet! I already had purchased Commodork for Kindle, I didn’t know Invading Spaces was on there as well. Just bought it. Thanks!

  2. ubikuberalles says:

    Oh! I don’t have Invading Spaces for my Kindle either. Oops! Now I do! (Damn you convenient Amazon technology).

  3. mattw says:

    Why did you ever price them at 99 cents?

  4. Matt says:

    I just bought Commodork yesterday for Kindle. Sure is bringing back memories of some of our childhood. I remember playing many of those games!!!!