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Becoming One with the Trailer

For the past 2 weeks I’ve had my Dad’s 7’x16′ trailer connected to the back of my truck. It’s been incredibly convenient to have the trailer on hand, ready to load up boxes and move them to the storage unit as we have available time. Unfortunately our driveway is so steep that I can’t remove the trailer from my truck and store it in my driveway. I’ve also kept the trailer connected to my truck for security reasons. I back the trailer all the way up to my fence and/or garage door, making it impossible to steal the trailer without also stealing my truck. Maybe I’m tempting fate with that logic, but so far it’s worked out.

This isn’t of course the first time I’ve used the trailer. As I mentioned in my post about fixing the trailer, I’ve hauled the trailer back and forth to Texas on multiple occasions to pick up arcade games. But, as you might expect, there’s a pretty big difference between driving in a straight line up and down I-35 and maneuvering in and out of normal city traffic. At first, driving in town with a 16 foot (21 foot, if you include the tongue) trailer can be pretty intimidating, but after a week or so of doing it, you start getting used to it.

At first, I was afraid to go anywhere with the trailer. I was afraid to get gas, or go to a restaurant, or stop by a grocery store with the trailer in tow, for fear that I would get into a situation that I couldn’t get out of. Once you begin to get more comfortable with backing the trailer, things aren’t so bad. I’m pretty good at it, at this point.

Over the weekend we ate at two different restaurants; both times we parked way out, to avoid any major parking gnarls. Most of the fast food restaurants these days have wide enough drive-thrus that making it “around the bend” so-to-speak isn’t all that difficult (hint: take the outside lane). I’m at the point now where taking the trailer through the McDonald’s drive-thru doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

I returned the trailer to Dad’s house yesterday afternoonn since Susan’s out of town and I won’t be making any trips to the storage unit by myself. I’m planning on stacking whatever boxes I pack this week up in the garage where they can be easily wheeled out by dolly to the trailer this weekend.

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