"We will overcome this system, I said this is why we're here." -Life of Agony, "Underground"

Living in Limbo

This morning while getting ready for work I realized I didn’t have any pants at the new house. I had to drive over to the old house, while wearing shorts, to get some pants.

This morning my sinuses were incredibly stopped up. I suspect it’s all the dust coming off of everything.

The carpet cleaners are visiting the old house tomorrow, so we’re hoping to have everything move out of the old house (at least on the ground floor) tonight. I seem to have less energy every day to dedicate toward moving.

On Monday I got my Internet access turned on and got robohara.com back up and running. Unfortunately the cable installer wasn’t able to add an outlet into the room I wanted, so the cable modem ended up in the room next to where I wanted. It’s not the end of the world, but it will definitely change where I was planning to put things. Right now, my mini server farm is sitting on a set of shelves — not a permanent solution by any means.

The biggest problem with the new house so far is not being able to find people. It’s hard to tell by sound where other people are, so all of us are constantly wandering around the house yelling, “where are you?!”

Remind me while I’m over at the old house tonight to get some pants.

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1 comment to Living in Limbo

  • Bring a suitcase over to the house and you can pack a weeks worth of clothes. Unless, of course, you can’t find your suitcase because it’s in storage somewhere. Bleah! Hey! Just get a cardboard box as your suitcase! Be like a homeless guy.