Upscale Trash

When Susan and I bought our first “real” house back in 1998 (the one we bought when we moved back from Spokane), we were thrilled to finally have our own “big blue” trash cart on wheels. For the year and a half we spent in Spokane, we lived in an apartment. When it was time for the trash to go out, we had to carry the bags of trash out of the apartment and over to the giant trash dumpster that sat not too terribly far from our front door. It wasn’t the end of the world, but the ability to put our trash into a giant plastic receptacle on wheels and roll it out to the curb seemed nice.

In 2002 when we moved in to our last house, we found out that you could get a second trash cart for free! Oh, the joy! Rapture! Amazingly enough, as our trash capacity doubled, so did our trash output. It doesn’t seem possible, but every week for nine years we managed to fill both of those dumpsters.

A couple of months ago when we moved into our new digs, we were again elated to discover not one, not two, but three trash bins at our new house! Now with one, well, any family of four can fill up one trash bin in a week. And two, well with two you can pretty much throw away all of your trash in addition to whatever else you might come across and not have to worry too much about filling them both up. Heck, there were times where we missed track pickup for a week and made it just fine two weeks. But with THREE … now we’re living like a boss! If I pick up fast food for dinner and eat it on the way home, sometimes I’ll throw my trash in one cart and my cup in the other one just because I can. Three dumpsters? It’s amazing! SO. MUCH. TRASH! Heck, if I ever need to dispose of a body … okay, let’s not go there. But yeah, I’m pretty sure I could throw a horse away, no problem.

Last week we discovered that we were actually being charged for that third dumpster, so we turned it back in. Oh well, back to roughing it with two dumpsters. I am so heartbroken. What am I going to do now if I have to throw away a horse?

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4 comments to Upscale Trash

  • Justin

    “What am I going to do now if I have to throw away a horse?”

    Someone needs to watch The Godfather again.

  • Living large and in charge with trash cans on wheels… hehe. Make sure you’re actually using the cans specified for trash. In my neighborhood on the Island of Misfit Toys :) we have different cans provided for the actual trash, yard debris, recycling (cans, cardboard) and glass. They even allow for you to order larger or smaller cans on wheels but of course they charge various fees like you experienced.

  • Rob

    We do have a small blue bin for recycling plastic, paper, and cardboard. The bin is fairly small (about the size of two or three milk crates) so you can’t put a whole whole lot in there, but it’s good for magazines, newspapers, and milk jugs. And I love the fact that it’s not like the old days where you have to sort your recyclables and remove all the staples from your magazines. If things were like that, I’d simply throw all that stuff away.

  • Pat Loisel

    I think dead horses will float. Hee hee hee.