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Unboxing the iPad 3 video (with Mason)

I’m getting too old to camp outside of a retail store in hopes of getting a brand new toy. Despite the fact that people have been lined up for a week outside several Apple stores in hopes of picking up a brand new iPad 3 on launch day, I was able to buy one at Walmart, also on launch day. Walmart had the exact model I wanted (32GB, black, WiFi) and there was no line at all; Susan and I were literally in and out of the store within 5 minutes.

Since “unboxing” videos are all the rage, Mason and I set up the Flip HD camera last night and recorded our own as we opened the brand new iPad 3.

As a bonus, here’s a blooper outtake.

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3 comments to Unboxing the iPad 3 video (with Mason)

  • Jimmy

    I went over to the apple store, grabbed the first apple person I saw and said give me an ipad 3. He handed me an ipad, took my card, slid it through his iphone and I walked out. No waiting in line, but the store was packed!

  • OMG, Mason is adorable. Such a cutie.

    Not an iSheep so can’t comment on that… LOL :p

  • I just saw 2 things thats shocked me….

    1. The rate in which Mason has grown.
    2. You brought not one but 2 apple products!