YDKF Episode 114: Arcade Auctions

Episode 114 of You Don’t Know Flack is all about Arcade Auctions. In this episode I talk about my experiences of buying arcade games at auctions. I share some tips and tricks of the trade, including what to bring, what to look for, and what to expect. I have been attending arcade auctions for almost 20 years, and have purchased around 70 arcade games from auctions during that time.

At You Don’t Know Flack you can download the podcast in mp3 format, or stream it directly from the site. There’s an RSS feed available, if you track your updates that way, and the podcast is also available through iTunes.

If you’re old school, I will come to your house, stand outside your window, and blast the latest episodes through my boombox.

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4 comments to YDKF Episode 114: Arcade Auctions

  • pj

    Yay! It’s back!

  • In your eyes… the light the heat… in Flack’s eyes…

  • anonymous

    Can you post your podcast without the background music? I keep thinking I have a browser tab playing music.

  • I liked it, a lot of self experiened facts, well worth listening to if your going to your first auction to buy a game. My only comment to add, is the 2 types of auction. The one which mainly Rob talks about is a consignment auction.
    This is where people bring stuff to and pay a fee to sell it. if they dont get the prices they want they buy it back. The other auction is a Private auction.
    Its still open to the public but its a private sale, like a closed down game room or business foreclosure. I have never experienced a private auction “buy back” equipment. Either the bank owns it or the owner has leased the building and everything must go. They dont study prices per game, typicially what they loose on one they make on another, they have a big picture amount they would like to be at and so be it. This type of auction is where the real bargains can be found, because your not bidding against the seller, just you and the room. Finally just like any collecting hobby, somthing is only worth as much as someone wants to pay for it. One mans junk is another mans treasure….

    Anyways, if I can just plug the auction in Mustang Oklahoma next weekend?

    Where? Carnival Pizza
    When? Saturday 14th April 10am
    Preview 8am ( Robs nuggets! for those who listened to the podcast)

    there are no junk games, mame cabs or projects this is a chuckie cheese tye placed that closed down so mainly modern equipment.
    However i can tell you there is an original Ms Pacman there!