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Birthday Business

We’ve dubbed the last week of June “Birthday Week” around here. It starts with my neice Jessica and Grandma O’Hara, who both have birthdays on the 23rd. Susan’s birthday is on the 26th, and Morgan’s is two days later on the 28th. I can’t imagine I’ll escape the week without having at least a small piece of cake — although it can’t possibly be as bad for you as the Krispy Kreme Burger they are selling in Chicago. A big beef patty with bacon and cheese, using a Krispy Kreme doughnut instead of a bread bun. 1,000 calories each.

Before Jessica’s party today, me and the ‘fam went to Party Galaxy. Around Halloween this place is the cooliest — it’s all spooky like and you can get any kind of mask, makeup or costume imaginable. Susan picked up some balloons for the party, and Mason carried around a huge spider.

Earlier today we met Jessica and everyone at the Miller Grill for some hamburger and fries, followed by birthday cake. The Miller Grill is where Big Ed’s used to be, and despite the name change the ‘Grill has kept the old Big Ed’s menu for the most part, which includes the Big Ed Burger — a 15″ hamburger which is cut into slices like a pizza. We fed 10 people with one, so it must come with 12 slices. The onions, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles all come on a separate plate, and mustard, ketchup and mayo come in small cups. It’s kind of fun to order. The french fries come on a big huge tray and everyone grabs how ever many they want from there.

I had a small piece of cake, one piece of burger and no fries. Morgan discovered that along with french fries, she also likes ketchup.

At the Miller Grill, Mason and Morgan road the boat together:

Mason and Dylan played pinball:

And Morgan was crowned Princess of the Party by the birthday girl.

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