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Looking Back with Flack

Over at the Retroist, I’ve started a new video series titled “Looking Back with Flack”. In sticking with the site’s retro theme, in these videos I’ll be reviewing retro “things” — toys, video games, movies, shows, or whatever else I can come up with.

Here’s the first episode:

I hope to post 2 or 3 “Looking Back with Flack” videos each month. I’ll probably post them on Fridays over there, and then post links to them here on my blog a day or two later.

Link: Looking Back with Flack Episode 1: 19-in-1 Multi-Williams Cabinet

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2 comments to Looking Back with Flack

  • Joshua Risner

    Great video Rob! Haven’t talked to you much since the move. Do you have many of your old cabinets left? Was this multi-cabinet made to replace some of the cabinets you had to part with? I am planning to start on my visual pinball cabinet this summer as long as there isn’t any home projects that funnel money out of my savings.

  • Stephen B

    I really enjoyed the video. Great job.