"So dead upon the bed, still searching for your head." -Alice Cooper/Roses on White Lace

Commodork reader Frank Burcaw recently e-mailed me the following screenshot from his iPad:

I’m not sure how deserving my book is to sit on the same shelf with The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine and Jobs’ biography — even virtually — but I’m tickled nonetheless to see it there.

Thanks again for sending me the picture, Frank! As a reminder, both of my books (Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie and Invading Spaces: A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Arcade Games) are both available via Amazon or from this site as a DRM-Free PDF.

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One Response to “Commodork on the Virtual Shelf”

  1. Compaq says:

    Hi there .. here’s one for you ..


    Let me know how you get.

    Warmest regards,

    Terrible Nerd <– don't buy the book !