Bikes and Books

I haven’t been riding my motorcycle much this summer. For one thing it’s been too hot — riding a bike in 100+ degree heat isn’t particularly fun, which is the only reason I ride one (for fun). The other reason is, I hadn’t changed the oil on the bike, an oil change was due, and I didn’t want to try and do it myself. To change the oil on my motorcycle you have to remove parts of the plastic fairing before you can even get to the engine. I’m sure I could remove it if I had to — it’s that whole “putting it back together” that scares me.

So Friday morning I took the bike into Maxey’s Cycles for an oil change. It only took a few minutes, but the total was $61. I guess when they ask you “what kind of oil do you prefer” and you say that you have no preference, that means “give ’em the $10/quart stuff,” which they did. No harm no foul, except on the pocket book.

While I was waiting in Maxey’s I looked around and found these tires for sale. Only in Oklahoma …

I spent the rest of Friday delivering the few complimentary copies of my book I had sat aside. I rode to mom’s work and gave her one there, and then met my dad and sister for lunch (it was her birthday) and gave her one there (I had already given dad a copy the night before). I finished the rest of my “to do” list on the bike and then promptly went home and jumped in the pool to cool off.

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