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Eating at Five Guys for Free (My Charmed Life) #FiveGuys #OKC

One night last week while Susan and Mason were in Washington DC, Morgan and I had dinner at Schlotzsky’s. While there, we noticed a sign for a brand new Five Guys Burgers just across the street. “We’ll have to go there with Mommy and Mason next week,” we said. Unbeknownst to us, Susan and Mason actually tried going to a Five guys while in DC but, after being led to a bad address by Yelp, ended up eating somewhere else.

Today while shopping on Northwest Expressway I mentioned the opening of the new Five Guys to Susan. Susan mentioned that they tried going to Five Guys in DC last week. We all agreed that we should have lunch at Five Guys. We drove over to Five guys and were greeted by a sign on the door that read “GRAND OPENING — TOMORROW!

Being silly and overly-dramatic, while standing in the parking lot, I shook my fists at the sky yelling, “NOOOO!” As the kids were laughing, I threw both hands to the air, began spinning, and shouted “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” as I spun. When I quit spinning, I found myself standing face to face with the store’s manager.

“So … you like Five Guys, I take it?” he asked. I nodded, and Susan explained how she had tried to go to one last week, but couldn’t find it.

“Unfortunately, we don’t open until tomorrow. Today’s our last training day for the staff,” the said. As we turned around to get back into the car, he said, “Tell ya what. How about I let you guys in and you can give us a test run. One condition though … everything you eat will be free. Is that okay?”

The kids cheered, Susan and I smiled, and in we went.

I’m assuming that’s every Five Guys employee for the NW Expressway location. If this their first day, you wouldn’t know it. I gave the girl who took our order a test by asking her where random items were on the menu and having her read back our order to us, and she passed with flying colors. There was a slight issue with our receipt, however:

Even being free, a $99.99 drink should be like super-duper-sized and come with lifetime free refills, right?

For some reason (and not just because it was free), but this may have been the best Five Guys meal we’ve ever had. I don’t know why, but I thought it was better than the one in Moore (same owner). I had a normal cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles, mustard, and mushrooms. So good. Susan had one with everything. Mason had a bacon-cheeseburger, and Morgan had a kiddie burger, ketchup only. Don’t forget — one order of fries is enough for about three adults. Even though everything was free we still only ordered one order of fries, and didn’t finish all of those.

As we ate, two other couples were allowed to enter the store. One of the couples, like us, appeared to have just stumbled on to the location. The other couple, I think, were related to some of the employees in some fashion (at least they seemed to know one another). We asked the manager if they do this often and he said no, that this was the first time, and that we (our family) was the first customers to eat there.

The newest Five Guys restaurant in Oklahoma City is located on the SE corner of NW Expressway and Rockwell, in the corner location of the strip mall there. They open tomorrow. Thanks to the manager and all the staff at the new location for being so cool and doing such a great job today. Be sure to stop by and tell them robohara.com sent you for a surprise!*

(*The surprise will be, they have no idea who I am and you will get nothing for free. Surprise!)

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2 comments to Eating at Five Guys for Free (My Charmed Life) #FiveGuys #OKC

  • I’m gonna start going around and inviting every restaurant to let me and mine be their “test run” for the day. You know, practice makes perfect.

  • Mom

    You do seem to live a charmed life! That’ll make a good story for your next book!