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Retroist Rewind (07-21-12)

Here’s a recap of the articles I wrote for Retroist.com this past week:

Monday: I mentioned the 25th Anniversary of Madonna’s Who’s That Girl?, both of which were released in June of 1987.

Tuesday: I posted some advice: Never Trust A Rancor, complete with six pictures that (I thought) were funny. Comments ranged from “I loved it!” to “How can I avoid reading anything else you write ever,” so … response was mixed.

Friday: In honor of the new Batman film, I wrote about my Batman Green Machine, complete with a few pictures form when I was four-years-old.

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1 comment to Retroist Rewind (07-21-12)

  • Mom

    Like that little green Vega station wagon? We had some good times running around in that little car! It caught in a snow bank inspired the first “Go Granny Go”!