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Celebration Station

This weekend, Morgan and I attended a birthday party at Celebration Station which, if you’ve not been or don’t have one near you, is essentially a Chuck E. Cheese clone. They have pizza, arcade games, lots of outdoor activities, and animatronic … dogs.

(Not my video.)

Below are a few pictures I snapped at the party.

Down the left-hand side of the arcade sat all the racing games, lined up and ready to go.

And here are some of the shooting games.

Upstairs, tucked away in the corner, were three pinball machines. The middle one was turned off, but I did play the other two. Good times. I think that may have been my first time on that WWF table. Definitely old school, “brother”. Tales from the Crypt is a good but not great table. It’s too bad the Addams Family machine is out of order. Maybe next time.

Here is a few of the first floor, taken from the second. Despite how this picture makes it look, the game mix downstairs is surprisingly close to being split 50/50 between actual arcade games and ticket dispensers.

Eventually the party moved outside. Did I mention it was 105 degrees on Saturday? Morgan said it wasn’t too hot out there on the water bumper boats. I can tell you, it was pretty hot standing on the sidelines, watching the bumper boats.

After the boats, Morgan spun a few laps on the go-karts before I called a heat mercy rule and split. It’s amazing how much bribery one can get out of a $2 snowcone.

Also, all you Apple haters can suck it. The iPhone 4S takes amazing pictures when you forget to bring your DSLR camera …

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5 comments to Celebration Station

  • Brent

    I thought that was an Addam’s Family machine, not a Twilight Zone?

  • anonymous

    are token games exempt from the oklahoma tax sticker?

  • Rob

    Nope, not exempt. From the tax code:

    “710:25-1-3. Device requiring decal For purposes of administration of the Coin-operated Music and Amusement Devices Code, a decal will be required for each machine, regardless of the number of coin slots, if the machine can, upon insertion of a coin, token or similar object, provide music, amusement or entertainment or dispense product(s) separate and apart from any other provider of music, amusement or entertainment or dispenser of product(s). The test to determine whether the machine can operate separate and apart from any other is whether the provider or dispenser can still function if separated from the others to which it is attached. When multiple machines are placed on a single stand, each machine requires a decal.”

  • anonymous

    what a crock.. I have seen these stickers on machines that I doubt collect enough money to cover the cost of the sticker.

  • Rob

    $150/year, per machine. Anytime you see a machine “out and about”, the route owner is splitting the take 50/50, which means the machine would have to take in $300/year ($25/month) just to break even. Figure in gas (visiting locations once a week) and repairs or replacement parts and I’m amazed anyone is breaking even anymore.